Company Overview


With the federal tax incentives expiring in 2018, now is the perfect time to take a look at how Solar PV, batteries and other energy efficiency programs can benefit your business.  Whether you look to largely get off of the grid through net metering or to generate a stream of revenue using a power purchase agreement, Next Generation Energy can guide you through the landscape and come up with the best alternative for you and your business.  Call us today at 401-667-0025 to talk about your options.


Our Mission


Our mission is to educate small businesses on the choices they have in working with incentives, grants to build their energy future.  We can work with you to reduce consumption through LED retrofit, using your local utilities subsidized energy efficiency programs.  In other states there are also programs that will allow you to minimize cost while you upgrade the appearance of your building.  Call us today at 401-667-0025 for a free audit.

meet our team

Vito Buonomano
Senior Auditor

I use a disciplined approach to analyzing each project,; bringing customers valued consulting and advocacy for renewable power solutions for their businesses.

Josh Zoella
Direct Sales Manager

I lead the sales team in securing new business and maintaining our valued customer relationships.

Stephan Rodriguez
Managing Director

I work directly with all of our departments, establishing company guidelines and driving an always improving process for our teams to produce tangible results and grow the company.