Best Energy Choices in 2017 and 2018

Project Survey

Both rooftop and ground mount solar have come a long way over the past 3 years time.  From the plummeting cost of solar panels to the increased efficiency to the incentives provided by both the state and federal governments, there has never been a better time to see how this solution would apply to your business.  Regularly projects come in under 3 years payback and can quickly bring you to your goal of going off the grid or generating revenue from the real estate you already own at your business site.


The benefits of renewables are timely and cost effective in today’s marketplace

  • Use natural resources and clean energy
  • Long-term economic benefits
  • Installation and maintenance simple, stable system
  • Reasonable cost, suitable for a variety of objects, organized

Next Generation can do a simple site assessment, taking into account shading and other issues that relate to your specific site to let you know with certainty what the options are for your build.

Cost savings have accelerated into 2017 to a point where every business can produce some or all of it’s power needs with great economic advantage.  Take a look at how you can save money and plan for your energy future.

Our engineers will do a full site survey to guarantee the solution we design will be engineered and implemented with the full expertise of our many years of successful project completions.

No matter what your business does, cost effective solutions will never go out of style.  Let us help you to understand all of the incentives, the technology and most importantly the application to your site.